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Baronial coat of arms


wappen freiherrn 1680 500x600


Main shield Stillfried (gold and black), increased by Werder (silver St. Andrew's cross, accompanied by 4 golden roses in a red field), Tschischwitz (blue field with "a crossbar nested five times in two rows of blue and red (with imperial counts 1792 : "crossbar nested twice by red and silver"), below Walditz ("leopard (with imperial counts tiger) in a silver field over a shield base nested crosswise by black and silver"). On the upper rim of the shield "three red-lined shields with golden stirrups ... and each crowned with a noble crown, steel-blue, open tournament helmets (i.e. no (count's) crown belongs on the escutcheon; on the other hand, in the count's escutcheon of 1792, the entire escutcheon is covered by a crown of the count of the realm and the three above-mentioned helmets appear above it.

05 Freiherrendiplom; in dieser Form sind eine Reihe Dokumente abgeschrieben und z.T. notariell beglaubigt

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