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Neurode - Hausdorf

Hausdorf (today Jugów) was laid out as a village of forest hooves and was first mentioned in 1352 as Hugisdorf. It belonged to the Neuroder district in the Glatzer Land, with which it shared the history of its political and ecclesiastical affiliation from the very beginning. The earliest known owner was the Wustehube family, from whom Hensel von Donin acquired it in 1352. In 1360 Emperor Charles IV confirmed it as a fief to Jaroslav of Donin. After the death of Frederick of Donin, Hausdorf, together with the dominion of Neurode, fell to the Bohemian King George of Podiebrad as a settled fief. In gratitude for services rendered, he gave the property to Georg Stillfried-Rattonitz on condition that he marry one of the sisters of the deceased Friedrich von Donyn. In 1472, Duke Heinrich the Elder of Münsterberg, the then feudal owner of the County of Glatz, confirmed the donation.
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If you would like to learn more about the chronicle of Hausdorf, please click here, but in German: Hausdorf - Chronik
  • 1472-1482 - Georg (Jerzy) I von Stillfried und Rattonitz (zm. 1482)[4]
  • 1482-1492 - Georg II von Stillfried und Ratienitz (1459-1492)[5]
  • 1492-1518 - Georg III von Stillfried
  • 1518-1524 Jakob von Stillfried und Rattonitz (1483-1524(9))[6]
  • 1524-1518 - Georg IV von Stillfried
  • 1560 - Georg V von Stillfried
  • 1586 - Georg VI von Stillfried
  • 1586-1615 - Henryk von Stillfried - Starszy (1519-1615)[7]
  • 1605-1609 - Hans (Jan) von Stillfried Rattonitz (1549-1609)[8] - Jugów Górny
  • 1609-1620 - Tobias Stillfried von Rattonitz (1580-1620)[9] - Jugów Dolny
  • 1628-1658 - Hans Bernhard Stillfried von Rattonitz (1615-1658)[10] - Jugów Dolny
  • 1628 - Dietrich von Haugwitz - Jugów Górny
  • 1658-1669 - Bernhard II von Stillfried
  • 1669-1702 - Bernhard III von Stillfried und Rattonitz (1641-1702)[11] - Jugów Dolny
  • 1702-1720 - Raymund Erdmann Anton Freiherr Stillfried von Rattonitz (1672-1720)[12] - Jugów Dolny
  • 1720-1739 - Johann Joseph I baron Stillfried von Rattonitz (zm. 1739)[13] - Jugów Dln.
  • 1739-1761 - Anna von Stillfried hrabina von Salburg (1703-1761)[14], żona Johanna Josepha I
  • 1761-1796 - Michael Raymund baron Stillfried und Rattonitz (1730-1796)[15] - Jugów Dolny, od 1787 - Jugów Górny
  • 1765-1787 - Haugwitz - Jugów Górny
  • 1790-1808 - Friedrich Stillfried und Rattonitz[16] (1763-1808) - Jugów Górny, od 1796 Jugów Dolny
  • 1796-1805 - Johann Joseph II, hrabia Stillfried und Rattonitz (1762-1805)[17]
  • 1832-1865 - Ludwik von Pfeil
  • 1865-1901 - Eberhard von Pfeil und Klein Ellguth (1839–1901)
  • 1865-1914 - Marie von Pfeil, żona Eberharda
  • 1914-1945 - Friedrich Albrecht von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth (1890-1945)[18]

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Dwor jugow historisch 960x400


Today seat of the forestry administration

Palac Jugow 768x525

More pictures of Hausdorf Castle


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